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Get paid to rent
your stuff

Earn extra cash by renting your stuff

It's FREE to join

Get paid to rent your stuff

It's FREE to join
Make money lending your stuff to people in your area.
It’s kinder to our planet
Earn some extra cash
Get to know your community

Or save money, borrow instead

Do you need something someone else might have? save yourself cash by borrowing stuff.
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Why borrow rather than buy?

They say orange is the new black, but in our world, borrowing is the new buying
When you borrow you have the luxury to give it back, so no additional space required to store stuff and no excess clutter sitting on your shelves or in your garage or garden shed
You save money as there are no purchases required, just simple daily rental fees and providing we have no mishaps during the rental period, you get your security deposit fully refunded, what more could you ask for?
Last but no means least you’re doing your part for the environment – how? Well, less buying means less packaging, which means less raw materials required to create the packaging and less waste to dispose of. 

Rent and Borrow for a Greener Tomorrow

How it works

Rent your stuff
Borrow stuff


Take some photos and set a deposit and daily rate for your item.


Start getting bookings and arrange a suitable pick-up and drop-off times with the borrower.


Once your item has been returned you'll receive your daily rate*.
*Minus the standard operator fees 25%
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Browse items that are nearby. Book your item for the days you need it. Pay safely and securely via PayPal.


The location of the item owner will then be shared with you. You can message them to arrange a pickup and drop-off time.


Save £££'s by borrowing rather than buying
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Do you have something someone else might need?

Secure payments 
Payments by PayPal
* Our standard operator fee is 25% 
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