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Frequently asked questions

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.

RABS is a safe and secure online peer-to-peer rental platform. You can rent your items and make some extra cash or find items to borrow and save money. It's completely free to join and easy to use.

All items have a security deposit and daily rental rate that is set by the item owner. Once the item has been returned to the owner, ensuring it is returned in the same condition, the full security deposit will be refunded to the borrower and the daily rate will be paid to the item owner minus our operating fees (25%).

This is Dan here from Rent and Borrow Stuff, the idea was born when I needed a specific tool for a DIY job but did not have it. I now had a dilemma with a few options: either buy the tool which will probably only get used once maybe twice then shelved, try, and find a rental company that would have it, and not charge me a fortune, see if a friend or family member would happen to have one, or not do the job at all, the latter not being the best option.

This got me thinking what if there are many people out there like me, who needed something for a specific period and didn't want to pay over the odds for it, use it for a minimal time, then have it sit collecting dust for the rest of its life. What if there was an online platform that people could use to connect with each other, list their items and earn or save money by doing so? From this, the concept grew not just tools, but anything the members want to list (within the rules). Why not use whatever you have got laying around the house, loft, garage shed, lock up to generate a little extra income.

View our how it works page to get a better understanding.

There are no registration fees, and anyone can browse the items. However, to list and rent your item you must be a verified registered member. If you're renting an item on the platform, we take a small operating fee from the total daily rental rate (25%).

No, you can only use PayPal to rent and borrow items. If someone asks you to pay in cash or any other means, get in touch with us. Don't have a PayPal account? It's easy to get started.

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Contact us and we'll look into this for you.

Not at the moment but we will be looking into delivery options in the future.

No, we do not offer any insurance. We take no responsibility for the items rented on our platform. The security deposit you set should cover the cost to either replace or repair the item if it were to be broken or damaged. We as a business will not be held accountable for the condition of the item or any problems which may occur before, during or after the rental period.

We are always here to help resolve any issues.

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